Thursday, August 22, 2019

English Conversation For Myanmar about Pronunciation Skill for you

I am looking in English Pronunciation skill. But Sometime I am afraid to speak worry pronunciation. If so, don't worry about it. Next one  is to a word in the directory are some strange-looking symbols. It is sure for your talking English conversation. People who study Language, called linguists, have come up with a pronunciation guide to you with this post. This is one of the word for you who use for education.

When we are using the consonants are all of the letters was that pronunciation with English Conversation but there have a lot of lesson with depending . Even if you have head of vowels and consonants, you probably have never heard this word. 

When we are learning English conversation to give the Students and all people to use in Daily Conversation. Because It is so important to use daily life. When you are going to use it, you must save some about English conversation thus I would like to say about you. You must follow to use this some screenshot post. 

Finally, I would like to say thanks you so much for your using at our website about English conversation. If you have some question, you can ask Question to us. Thank you.

Monday, August 19, 2019

The explaning of Wanna & Gonna with Voice

This is nice Topic to learn English thus I would like to remind you and know about Gonna and wanna about Explain. If you are knowing it, you must download this audio when you are going to use this article. Therefore you must learn English about this word of English Conversion, I hope you will be more and more develop about English.  

Wanna, Gonna

​Reductions formed with word + to

Formation: gonna = going + to
Usage: I'm gonna have to work every day next week.
Meaning: I'm going to have to work every day next week.


Formation: gotta = got + to
Usage: I gotta get up early to go work.
Meaning: I got to get up early to go work.


Formation: hafta = have + to
Usage: I hafta work overtime tonight.
Meaning: I have to work overtime tonight.


Formation: hasta = has + to
Usage: She hasta work this weekend.
Meaning: She has to work this weekend.

Formation: oughta = ought + to
Usage: You oughta find a better job.
Meaning: You ought to find a better job.

Formation: wanna = want + to
Usage: I really wanna find a better job.
Meaning: I really want to find a better job.

 Credit: Sayar Maung Maung Win

Sunday, August 18, 2019

Communication application for Android smartphone

This is the best one of application for android smartphone therefore I would like to remind you who wanna use this application to communicate your friend and family. It is special one of communicate. After you have finished your downloading this application for your using android smartphone, you can install it to use communication with your friend and Family. 
Even you have some application to communicate them, this app is also used in your smartphone. Because, network in communication of application in smartphone has a lot of application for communication thus I would like to say this application one of apps as the best one to communicate.
How to do this application at smartphone. The firstly, I would like to say the using of this apps.
Downloading the app and opening it to have been used favorite file manager and install by tapping on the file name. If you would like to use this application of sources from your android setting of this application in your smartphone. Hope you can use this application as messager of video and calling of this app.

Thursday, August 15, 2019

Learning English Conversation to build Program Comment

This is learning the objectives about Conversation. If you are going to talk conversation with other, you need to learn English's Conversation. It is one extremely important for you. Because, the research shows that the conversation is need to community other. So that, you must do it to follow this Opposition. 

After you have finished to learn English Conversation, You will develop to Conversation. I hope you are more and more develop English Conversation. It is one of Corporate with other. It is one strategy asking to process in Marketing. Even you have some competitive strategy in your quality or Service in Marketing to say with your friend. You will be success. 

Before you are not satisfy to stay English Conversation, you be lose the conversation other and develop your skill. If you are not using the skill of you speaking, your commitment is not improving your position of developing.

The People know that Dignity is the most important

It is the most impregnation for the post. If you are knowing this program, it is used in daily life for you. After you have finished to read this book, you must follow this article. It is talking to you as following program. 

The writer was thinking that is the most important about Dignity for your life. If you are going to use this program. Therefore the article shows that you will follow to develop for your life. If you are good to follow the article information. If you are going to use this format, you will develop it.

The write remind you that will do this point when you are going to use this article processing in your daily life, you will be success. the writer hopes you are going to nice life to use this information.   

Samsung Android Phone of Myanmar font Application new Version 1.0 Apk

You are using Samsung Android smartphone therefore you must need to install Myanmar Font about Zawgyi Font. If you would like to download this application and installing, because you have some without Root Access in your smartphone about Samsung to install. After you have downloading this application about installing, you must install it. 
If you have some problem after installing to your using android smartphone, you can write under comment what about happy, Zawgyi Myanmar Font about NSO is allows you to send font in all the Samsung without Root access phone with effective fonts style. This apply fonts in the setting of your phone and having to install all the Zawgyi Myanmar Font.. 

How to do..
1.Go to Display Setting
2. Select Font Style actions.
3. Set Font which you like to set in your phone.