Thursday, February 15, 2018

English Conversation For Myanmar People -1

I would like to write another information of value after you are coming my website. Those are writing English conversation. Developing a Conversation in English Skill about plan, you must study systematic gathering , recording, and analyzing of Conversation English Language and Myanmar Language. Therefore I was writing it to them. When you are seeing this post of Good Conversation, you must note it in your mind to speak each other.
Keep in mind that the small post of Conversation in English but this post is very useful Conversation in daily life. You can determine point to speak English. It is helping you how to speak your friend. It is very important to understand the point of English in conversation. Even you are keeping a small conversation, one day, you will use the words. I am translating it to Myanmar People. They will understand them. In the translation I was the most difficult to translate it but I decide them to translate. Because I would like to show the Qualifying of the translation of English. 

After my translation is finishing them, I was posting them to Myanmar People. They need to learn English Language. To read some information network as social network. After you have saved this post some photo in smartphone and anywhere, you can invest your time to read this, and you will do it the best one. 

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