Saturday, February 17, 2018

English Conversation For Myanmar People - 2

I would like to express my special learners in my website. You are giving me the golden opportunity to do this article in my website. Those information is giving me may of ideas in doing this research to translate English language to Myanmar Language. Thus I came to know about so many new things ideas at translation Both of them. Therefore i am truly indebted and thankful the all learners in English thus I owns sincere and earnest thankfulness to my visitors in my website.

If you have to contact my as standards, I am giving the contact my conduct Page bar. I am thinking to build ABS but my cache is enough to run the project for my idea. Therefore i am inviting to join the project ABS in my country. If you are interesting that project, you can contact me for that project. Not only that project is runing but also you can contact other ways project  such as computer, English translation. Now I was posting to you who are learning English Language. You can contact for your English Language skill. 

This post is both of them language thus I would like to request and understand your learning English skill thus I hope you will be nicely do it both of them. If you have to say something me you can write English language at comment and Facebook message
at my account.  

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