Saturday, February 10, 2018

English Language, Myanmar Language and other Language Dictionary Application

We are learning English Language therefore we do not know some verbs and words to translate Myanmar Language. Thus we have been using Myanmar Dictionary. In this post I would to remind reading of this post end to download Dictionary but that is for only android phone which can use dictionary application.
In this application, you can know some voice to come and listen your pronunciation skill about speaking. Thus this application is very wonderful to learner of English. In app you can choose other language for your learning. App can be teaching you as teacher. Because the teacher is the most important person in your life. He and She taught us to write and pronunciation other language including English.  He and She were important in our life because they taught us a valuable lesson of English language.  
 Sometimes we just sit and listen Pronunciation we cannot correct not to do for our words thus this app help you how to pronounce our English the improvisation. In Dictionary application, after you have finished your listen skill, you will improve the skill.

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