Saturday, February 10, 2018

How to speak six ways of English speaking with your friend

We are using sample " am, is, are, was, were, will be to speak as beginner the learning of English thus I was explaining it. If you are knowing and note them to contact your friend and without friend, you can speak in your Room.
In cause, you will follow present tense Verb to be " am, is and are" Those are for Present tense that is like sample tense.
The second cause, the learner of English you must know about  Past tense which are they. Therefore you must know past tense which follow in sample about was and were.
Finally, Future tense this time will show about "will be" in six ways of English Speaking including writing, reading and listening skill as four skill in Myanmar. So what are they about Six ways of English speaking in Myanmar People learning.

1.Affirmative sentence
2.Negative sentence
3.Affirmative Question
4.Negative Question
5.Fist Tag Question
6.Second Tag Question

Let me explain how to use sentence in this post. I would like to be clear you who to use them. That is...
Singular Number
1.I am...
  I am not..
  Am I..?
  Aren't I..?
  I am.., aren't I?
  I am not.... am I?

Plural Number
2.You are...
  You are not..
  Are you...?
  Aren't you....?
  You are.....aren't you?
  You aren't.. are you?

Singular Number
3.He is....
  He isn't...
  Is he...?
  Isn't he...?
  He is ... isn't he?
  He is ... is he?

 How to write sentence way of six ways of English speaking and writing at your sample sentence.
1. I am a student.
   I am not a  student.
   Am I a student?
   Am I not a student? 
   I am a student, aren't I?
  I am not a student, am I?

2. We are students.
    We are not students.
    Are we students?
    Are we not students?
    We are students, aren't we?
   We are not students, are we?

3. You are a student.
   You are not a student.
   Are you not a student?
   Are you a student?
  You are a student, aren't you?
  You are not a student, are you?


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