Saturday, February 10, 2018

How to write Application Letter

I would like to write the apply the jobs to some company therefore I do not know to write it thus I was writing to you. Because I have experience this letter. Although I have been writing the application letter, do not follow my ideas the mean, you must write your point but I would give you about format. how to write Application.For example you will follow under format

 Here your address,
Yangon, Kyawmyant,
10 Road,No14 Your Street,
Your post Code.
Which day you must write your date.
Your Sender Address,
You must write correctly.
Dear sir,
Application Letter

I am writing this letter to bring your attention and to apply for the position advertisement marketing manager. I am responding to your advertisement in your company.
I have a very strong academic background in marketing manager. I have comb rimed  with three years work experience in ABC company of marketing as a history manager i strengthen my communication skill in marketing. I believe that I could make a valuable contribution in your firm.
I look forward to the opportunity to work with your company.Thank you for your time and consideration.
Your sincerenly 
Here you contact

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