Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Myanmar Books Business with Myanmar version - 1

This is very special one of Books. It is Business books but you must read Myanmar Language. Its all are being used in Myanmar Business. Those books were written by very knowledgeable person author, Khin Mg Nyo-Economy, Then Myint Oo and U Kyaw Zay Ya...etc..

Therefore you are going to download. I want a good example of this.  Because This post is a very small size. You can download them in this website.

It is very important to understand the psychology of business in daily life. Thus you must read this books in your free time. It is very realistic in your expectation of your knowledge for work in your city. If you don't have the developments of new technology of obsolete products of this some small business.

I would like to be success of industry about societal attitudes affect the marketplace, you must understand the business system.  For example, small business should keep their advertising message and approach personal. So you must know it how to work it in your business ways of this thus I would like to remind you must download and read this book.

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