Monday, February 19, 2018

Myanmar Zawgyi Font And Myanmar Keyborad 100%working

One of friends asks me windows of Myanmar font and Keyboard for his computer. Therefore I was posting him, and all users of computers. I hope after you have being used this software at your computer, you can do it the best one to see Windows of Myanmar Font and Keyboard. It is not error for you. It is also supporting all of windows but you can choice bit 32, bit 64 ways.  Here you can download them for your installing download
You must download two files of them. If you are using windows 32 bit, you must install IEZawGyiTalkfont, the firstly. The second. How to do it. I am going to explain you. This is the Right Click at that, you can find Run as administrator. It is to do installing to you computer. 
1. You click start installation of "Next" that is installing, first.
2.Installing is doing thus you should wait the installing of processing. 
3.Alpha Zawgyi and Unicode System has been successfully the installing on your computer. You must click "finish"
4. After that, do it "close"
5. When you have finished all of them, the computer system will asks you . Doing "Restart" thus You can do it " the Restart" of Manul of them. Therefore system is working "Restart of System.

I would like to say "thanks" for windows 32 bit.

For Windows 64bit...

After you have finished that of doing Zawgyi 32bit, you must do about 64bit system. This is so interesting. Here, at Control pane the user of seeing about Zawgyi Myannar Unicode L.
The firstly, I tough you two of file, 
In those of them, now you must download about Myanmar Keyboard to work 100%. That name is setup file for Myanmar Keyboard thus I would like to remind you must do two of this process of Myanmar Zawgyi Font And Myanmar Keyboard.

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