Sunday, February 11, 2018

Simple Past Tense in Grammer for Learner

It was when we looked at the differences the first person Singular and Plural, second person Singular and Plural and third person Singular and Plural. We may understand them but you do not clear them. I realized that these will be chosen in my understanding. Because It is the most important point in Grammar. Therefore I make decision to write differences them.
I think i made the right decision for learners who will understand in English. The most of Myanmar are not understanding them. The quality of education in English Grammar which is the simple, will be used in your daily life to write as Grammar skill. When you are using information of the differences of them, you may be careful in sentences. Therefore I would like to show you how to write them.
Example here...
First Person Singular
1. I was a worker.
  I was not a worker.
  Was I a worker?
  Was I not a worker?
 I was a worker, was not I?
 I was not a worker, was I?

First Person Plural
2. We were workers.
We weren't workers.
Were we workers?
Weren't we workers?
We were workers, weren't we?
We weren't workers, were we?

Second Person Singular
1. You were a worker.
You were not a worker.
Were you a worker?
Weren't you a worker?
You were a worker, weren't you?
You weren't a worker, were you?
Second Person Plural
2.You were workers.
You weren't workers.
Were you workers?
Weren't you workers?
You were workers, weren't you?
You weren't workers, were you? 

Third Person Singular
1.He was a worker.
He was not a worker.
Was he a worker?
Wasn't he a worker?
He was a worker, wasn't he?
He wasn't a worker, was he?
Third Person Plural
2.They were workers.
They weren't workers.
Were they workers?
Weren't they workers?
They were workers, weren't they?
They weren't workers, were they?

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