Saturday, February 10, 2018

What is a Paragraph sentences about a single Topic

In writing skills we will be knowing Myanmar Language but we don't know to write English skill about a paragraph sentences about a single topic. One of writing skill idea for Myanmar people I would like to explain it. If you are going to write one paper, you will think what you are going to write. After you have thought to write, you will follow to write a paragraph three main parts.
The first part of A paragraph what you are going to write the mean of topic for your writing about essay. And then you must tell what the paragraph will be explaining to your sender of whom about the topic. We can call the sentence of English writing the  topic sentence in paragraph.
The second part of A paragraph which was calling to support the mean body for your paragraph, is calling the supporting sentences. The sentences is explaining what you were writing the first part of a paragraph. Because, this part of following is details about the topic sentence.
The third part of a paragraph, in essay we were writing about concluding part thus we will have been calling the Concluding part. In cause you must write the most important ways about your summarizes the part of the first and second at your concluding.

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