Monday, March 19, 2018

Calling Blocker Application New version 1.0.98 APK

This is the best Call Blocker application therefore I would like to remind you who must download this application of doing the calling Blocker. Nobody will be able to disturb you when you don't want to talk. Many Android Phones provide call blocking capabilities. It is call Blocker which is better it has several core features that together provides strong protection against annoying calls. 
You can add any unwanted numbers to the blacklist from the calls log, contacts list or input the number manually.If you don't want to block calls from a certain number, adding it to the white list sufficient callers from this list will never be rejected by the blocker. 
Moreover, the app contains features such as notifications about blocking and a status bar icon, both of which can be turned off in the app settings. You can obviously use your phone's built-in capabilities or even ignore such problem. However, if you are really tires of annoying calls, just try this blocker. How can I remove icon in the top of screen? Open the app's “Settings”. Next select the “Notifications” section and turn off the “Status bar icon” option.

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