Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Root Checker Application New Version 1.0 for Android

This is the best verity proper root access is configured and working using Root checker. Free, fast easy and used on over 10 million android devices, Root checker shows the user whether or not root access is properly install and working.

Therefore I would like to provide even the newest android user with a simple method to check their device. The application provides a very simple user interface that easily notifies the user whether or not have properly setup root access. 

This is the most common binary used on android devices to grant and manage root access. Root checker will check and verify that the binary is located in a standard location on the device. In addition, Root checker will verify that the is properly functioning in granting root access. 

Many time users experience issues along the path of installing and gaining root access. For some users the process can seem complex the while for other the process can seem simple. The process of confirming root access is sometimes known by other terms such as, gaining supersuer access or gaining administrator access. 

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