Wednesday, June 27, 2018

English Conversation For Myanmar People - 9

This is one of the English conversation Post therefore I would like to remind you who are Myanmar People learning English Conversation, thus I hope who can be learning English Conversation at this post to conversant with Foreigner. If you are interesting to do and speak with Foreigner as English Conversation with Myanmar People thus I hope it help you to commute with Foreigner.
If you would like to use this post and to save in your android smartphone, computer and tablet. This site allow you use like that. When you are going to use this photo of screenshot in your using smartphone,etc, You must save one by one. Even you are a good to specking as the most important thing it is to use in your smartphone.


Monday, June 11, 2018

Myanmar Keyboard while and Gold Application New Version 1.0 Apk

This is Typing as easier Beat Myanmar Keyboard while and Gold Application. We are using of Bagan Keyboard is a Myanmar Keyboard from emphasizing and hard-working developing as Myanmar Langauge Typing system. It also provides the perfect solution of Android Myanmar Language thus I would like to remind you who communicate via instant message, with an easier, faster, and smarter. it is also Nominated by Myanmar Android of Myanmar Keyboard. One of Digital winner are going to use the most of Myanmar font. When you are using of Myanmar font, it is come to complete you with suggestions. It saves your time with predefined share cut phrases.
It provides various composing options to be compatible along with various of android devices, It is supporting android devices, it is 2.2. hardware specifications. The development team is always taking care of every users feedback and claim, to provide you a better experience of typing instant messages, also to go with flavors at your wish, both Zawgyi and Myanmar Unicode. 

Sunday, June 10, 2018

English Application writing appliction version 1.0 for android

This is the most important application for you. It is how to write Application for your jobs and anything. When you are going to think this application to use it in your android smartphone. You must download under link. I would like to say and remind you who must use app because it has a lot of ways how to write application for Job..Which is following application in this app...those are..
Easy English Application Writing for Students.
1) An Application for Leave of Absence
2) Leave in Advance
3) Leave for the Remaining Periods
4) An Application for a Holiday
5) Application for Leave in Advance
6) Permission to Play a Friendly Football Match
7) Transfer Certificate
8) An Application for Readmission
9) Application for a Testimonial
10) Application for a Hostel Seat
11) Application for Arranging on a Picnic
12) An Application for Morning School
13) For Increasing Common Room Facilities
14) Full Free Studentship
15) Adequate Sports Facilities
16) An application for Setting up a Charitable Dispensary in our Locality
17) Write an application for Arranging a Picnic
18) Opening a Computer Club
19) An application to the Headmaster prayer for organizing a literary club.
20) An application to the Headmaster seeking permission to arrange a cultural function.
21) An application to the Headmaster praying for permission to use the ground of your school for 
22) An application to the DC for some relief’s for the flood hit people.
23) For Setting up a Tube-Well
24) For Repairing a Bridge Over the Canal

Saturday, June 2, 2018

Grammar Myanmar Language and English Language as Speaking apk New Version

I would like to introduce this application. It is that Grammar apk. Because grammar is a very old field of study but it is the most important. Hence All student of English, be they native speaker of who are studying English as a second language thus I would like to remind you who must download this application, and using to install it at your android smartphone. Helpful I wish you every time use this application in your smartphone.

In this books and app which will help you, it provides basic instruction in its app which is the most eight parts so that you find out as well as the standard patterns of English sentence. And then you download a lot of Books in this application therefore you will read about some article.

If you are insteresting to download this app, you can download this app, and install to use in your daily life. If you have to see this app and post about some notes of comment it, you can write under comment box.