Thursday, November 29, 2018

Myanmar Application for TV line Android app Version 1.7 Apk

I would like to explain this application for users. It has a lot of  Enable Up Navigation for android users. In this cause, those are following the new, sport, etc. When you are downloading this application, you are seeing about navigation bar for your using of android application therefore you must choose to download it. 

This application has been developed by one of admin who is so cleaver to download android application. Thus it is used by using at android smartphone. If you would like to download this application for your using this application for android smartphone. When you have some problem at download, pls write what those problem of this application at android smartphone.

Friday, November 23, 2018

EPS to PIK Listening application with Myanmar Language version 1.2 Apk

This is EPS to PIK application. Who are learning that language? Therefore you must download this application to use and practice which language. When you are arriving that country, you do not know that language thus you are so difficult to practice in that language, don't worry. This app has a lot of level of appreciation to use sentence and audio with that language. And that It was used with Myanmar Language translate.

If you are really leaner in that language, the poster was reminding you to download it and install it and that you must practice in that language. In this app, you will know how to ask question, and answer with it to translate Myanmar version. Even You do not go to that country, you must download and learn it in daily life because it is nice app to use for your daily of forgone language. If you must think download it, you can download and install it into your android phone because it is working only android phone. Thanks