Wednesday, December 12, 2018

English Conversation For Myanmar People 11

The people are learning English Language in daily life. It is used in world because it is a kind of communication language. Therefore, the writer was writing it at this website as Myanmar Language and English Language. When you are visiting this via you will see the post of screenshot in here, which are nice to study for you because they are both language English and Myanmar.

In other hand, you have some note in English, after you have finished to learn screenshot. Moreover, you must understand vocable in English, Grammar. If you are nice person in Learning of English Language (LEL), you will improve English one day. When you are saving this a lot of Photo you must save and learn English. 

Having save some sreenshot at your smartphone, iPad, etc.., you can learn and study in daily life after that you are conversation with your friend at your place. You can save here a lot of photos for your studying in English.

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