Wednesday, May 29, 2019

English Conversation for Myanmar People to learn English Pronuciation 14

I would like to introduce the English Conversation for Myanmar People who are learning English to use the position for you who want develop English conversation into communication. When you are seeing this post of Screenshot in Conversation, you must save this post of conversation in your point. 

The management which is the most important thing, nowadays,  the people are using the English language thus you must save some things. Therefore the communication for English which will be used for communication in the place. 

I would like to learn English Conversation you must note the some into your mind about English Communication thus I would like to remind you and to use this Save of the Screenshot in your English Conversation. If you have something to ask me, you can read at Comment in your positive for me.

If you are going to use this post of English conversation, you must save this application into your smartphone. I hope you will learn English Conversation with Myanmar Language. 


Saturday, May 25, 2019

Myanmar Car License Checker 4P Application for Android

Android Smartphone who are using in daily life, will be being developed to use this application For Myanmar Car License Checker application for Android. If you would like to use this application for android smartphone, you must download this application. 

When you would like know about your Myanmar Car License Checker those of cars, you can check with this application after you have finished your installing it to your smartphone. Anyways, you have known to use this application. 

The firstly, you must download to  device of this application into your smartphone. Like this application for your using of this application for smartphone. There are following like that.
 Myanmar Car License Number Checker

* Can check 3P Number ( Updated )
* Some new information include, such as
- Engine Power
- 2x2 or 4x4
- Gear Info

Friday, May 24, 2019

Learning English Conversation English Skill and Myanmar Skill for Myanmar People 14

I would like to introduce this Topic of translate English to Myanmar Language which have a lot of way thus i write the translate about Conversation for Myanmar people who are using the communication with people in daily active. Therefore we are working some company in Yangon or other company, you need to communicate with other, thus you must need to know about English Conversation.

If you have some conversation note for them about nice using English Skill for them, there are some note for them, which have been noted to save them. Nowadays, everybody are using and talking to communte as communication with English Conversation, so if, you all are needing to use the communication of English for that.

Sometimes, the people are using about communicate the nice ways to communicate with English and other language, but most of using about English Language therefore you will note how to communicate with English skill, after you have finished your English Skill.


Thursday, May 23, 2019

League Soccer Game of Football Application Version

This page is best love of football game, which has a lot fo fans started editing and developing about Modded versions, which has a version of add more interesting features marking it more addictive and fun to play with this game.
I would like to introduce of this talking about dream league soccer champions league game. which has impressed when I installed and launched the game on my android phone. It was so amazing to experience the sound of the famous Champions League anthem before each match commences.
 Of course UCL is all about top clubs from major football leagues in Europe so you will be seeing the likes of team, therefore you can chose what you are your insterening team about Football game in this application.

Myanmar Application of Font installer new version APK

This is the best application of Font installer, which is nice to use customer font installer about Myanmar Font. Therefore you are interesting them to use without seeing Myanmar font.
Hence, This application which is supporting your font of android smartphone about Zawgyi font to use Myanmar Font to support Myanmar Zawgyi Font. This application is supporting You can change custom font style for Xiaomi, huamei, Samsung, vivo opp, emalem without ROOt.

# SAMSUNG supported versions
- Lollipop (5.0 to 5.1.1)
- Marshmallow (6.0 to 6.0.1)
- Nougat (7.0 to 7.1.2)
- Oreo & upper (8.0++)

# MIUI supported versions
- MIUI Version 7 to 10

# Vivo
- iTheme

# Oppo
- A3s, F7, F9, A7, F11

# Realme
- C1 & 2 Pro

# Huawei
- Latest Models

All in One Android Font Changer ;)


- First Release

Unknown [v1.1]
- Fix more bugs

- Support Vivo
- Add more languages
- Fix more bugs

- Support Oppo & Realme Latest Versions
- Fix SAMSUNG bugs
- Add Testing Font Style!

11/04/2019 [1.4]
- Fix Not Working on Huawei
- Fix Not Working on Android 9.0+
(Oppo & Samsung)
- Fix More Bugs

12/04/2019 [1.5]
- Fix Cannot install (zFont) Apks on

11/05/2019 [1.6]
- Add more font packs for Vivo.
- Add Change Region button for some oppo and realme models
- Add font pack for Samsung Pie [BETA]
- Removed Ads on exit app

Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Learning English Listening Skills Practice English Word Version 1.1.4 Apk

I would like to introduce the application which have a lot of Practice English. If you would like to improve your English Conversation, you must chose to use this application download this application. It has the training listening skill through many simple conversation. If you would like to use this application your skills will be developed in daily life for your English Skill. 

Training Listening Skill through many simple conversation which has a lot of categorical . Life in pictures, Going to the forest, ice cream around the world. 

Each lesson comes with audio and transcript, which help you to improve your English Grammar, English Speaking and expand your English Vocabulary.

#English Education
#English Country

Myanmar TV application for Android Smartphone Version Application 1.1.5Apk

I would like to introduce this application to use in daily life, to watch TV at your smartphone which has a lot TV channel. If you are going to use this application, you must download this application from this website.
Which will have a simple and easy to use IPTV Player which is supporting to open your TV. and Designed specifically for large screens and TV remote controls as 

1. Open ZalTv to add your M3U playlist URL and get your activation Code (7 days free trial)
2. Enter the 10-digit activation code in your TV box
3. Done!
Please note this app does not contain any playlists except the example playlist. We do not sell or provide IPTV Content.
Credit: Developer

Update Active Code:
Code 1: 9684481998
Code 2: 7162214428
Code 3: 3968886955
Code 4: 6185932927 (18+)

Monday, May 20, 2019

Conversation English Skill with Myanmar Language For Myanmar People 14


When you have written down all your ideas, you need to put organizing ideas in your some kind of order. If you have a very clear idea of what your writing will contain, it May be possible to do them right from the beginning in your writing in the some point.

If you have a learner of the Conversation English Skill and Myanmar which is having to support a very flexible way of ordering ideas is to use mind Maps which is the most important, you are going to start with the most important. 

You can use those of the screenshot as libraries. which also have a large amount of information stored electronically for instance, Many existing books have been converted to eBooks in your using phone.

Those all of are using a learning in daily life as academic journals are talking your speaking in English to word. If you will like to talk a quick and useful way to research a topic, speak conversation in daily, you must save those screenshot.


Equalizer music Application quality of bass booster version 1.4.3 apk

I would like to introduce this application and to use smartphone, to improve the quality when you are listening song with Quality effect of your android device with the Bass Boost, Virtualizer and Equalizer. It is marketing you music and Video sounds like never before.

This Application has some many effect to save with Effect for music or Audio. It is Turn on the Music Player and play your music in your using smartphone. Anyways, You must be turn on the Bass Booster Aplication and Adjust Sound level and frequency.

It was supporting to like effect for music or audio, adjust the sound level and frequency, Than let it run in Background, Turn on the Video Player and Play your Video. There are following the as
Bass Boost Effect, Stereo Surround Sound effect, Five Bands Equalizer.

Sunday, May 19, 2019

Myanmar Language and English Language, Both of them Translation

Think the position of Language in daily to communication each other, you are talking other with English Language, which was supporting to use this screenshot in daily life. When you are going to talk with English. Therefore this screenshot which is nice to use in daily life for you.
I would like to say and use this all screen shot in daily life, you the higher you climb a hill, the more vision  you become and appear in the your eyes in communication each other.  Hence it is needless to waste time in correcting to self-studying in daily.
We understand the way the help with communication as human problem as property and revenue of the differently country how you must learn English Skill, if you are going to save all the post in daily life you can use this application of posting about screenshot.


Friday, May 17, 2019

English For Learning Conversation with Myanmar and English Language 13

When you are interesting to learn English in your daily life, we are learning English to conversation with other. There are a lot of learning English Conversation in daily life. If you are interesting the Conversation, you must save those screenshot to your phone.

After you have some English Screenshot you can learn English language, you will be the good in English. Therefore you are willing to be great in Conversation what you are wanting to speak English with other. 

The management in English Skill, which is being used in daily and other place with English is being kept in other conversation in English skill. If you are following this screenshot you must keep to development English Skill.  

Saturday, May 11, 2019

Myanmar English Language about communication each Other Conversation 12

It is the best ways of English Language which has power to communicate each other. Having to communicate with English in your daily life. Any word you can see this post, if you are interesting to use this post some screenshot to save this post in your daily. Anyways, I would like to remind you who are using this application and post in your daily life. If you are more knowing about English word, you will be successful in English Language. 

When you are coming to visit this website, you are looking each post to post about screenshot. I hope you are communication with English skill, so you are going to save. If you are some position, which are being worked in daily, must need to communicate.

If you have some to say this post, you can write comment to me, Thus you are really learner in English language everyday. Therefore you must download this post of some screenshot into your using smartphone, which is better to learn English Language of this website.