Sunday, June 30, 2019

English Coversation with Myanmar People with Foreigners about English 20

In this cause, I would like to introduce this post about your process to speak with English Conversation. Therefore I was posting this screenshot, nowadays who are learning English Version which will support to use English Conversation. I would like to this application. You must download and save those post. When you are going to use this app, you will follow stet and stet. 

After you have save some screenshot, you will present other foragers with English. It is the most one of important to use the solve. When you are learning English Conversation, you need to speak with your friend other. It is willing to use this process in your English Conversation daily life.  

The most important thing, which is control the word for cause, therefore you are save this application of screenshot in your daily life. I would like to say you must download and save this screenshot to read in daily life. I would like to say "thank You" for you visitation in my state. 

Thursday, June 27, 2019

English Conversation For Myanamar People about Communication 19

I would like to introduce the post in this website. It is the best one of application for your learning English. When we are learning the English Conversation, I hope you are nice to use this application of Post. Because It is used to find out about English conversation. IF you are going to  use this application and some post, you must download this application of screen into your smart phone.

English Conversation For Myanmar People both of Language as English Skill 18

This is the best one of important to use conversation for Myanmar People and English People, If you would like to use the English Language for communication with Non-Mother Language thus You can talk with English Conversation. To make conversation for application to speak with English for your daily life. When you are going to use this application of the posting with screenshot, you will talk with English conversation.

By taking other as interesting in other person, we become interesting ourselves. We will listen on an emotional level minding other with English language.  Sometime, we are using the body Language which is not adding a little levity and say something like. I would like to share in cause with English Conversation. When you are going to use the introduce which word is not used by your mind remembering it. If it is the most important thing is the emotional state of the other person and how well you can relate on that emotional level. Therefore your learning English is the most improvement of screen with it.
Voice Translator
Dictionary download 

Tuesday, June 25, 2019

English Language and Myanmar Language Dictionary 1.0.1 APK

This is nice application which has the English-Myanmar Dictionary is being used as an offline application. It explains the meaning of English words to Myanmar. Definitions are based on Department of Myanmar Language Commission, Ministry of Education. Fast search, easy and functional user interface, optimized also for tablets. it works offline without any further file to download.

• More than 21000 English words definitions and large number of inflected forms with over 900 pictures and synonym.
• Also provide each word to pronounce by UK sound system.
• Check the English word or sentence with different native sound like UK, American (US) and Canada.
• Speech Recognition to text search by using google speech recognition technology.
• Manage your favorite words, and search history.
• Crossword help: the symbol * can be used in place of single unknown word. For example,
type => c*d
result => CAD
canard ...
type => ce*d
result => celluloid centreboard

Monday, June 24, 2019

Share English New Ideas English Conversation For Myanmar

You have troubles making Really English Conversation. Therefore, do you need to improve English Conversation as quality in daily life. Thus you download the save some screenshot into your smartphone. If you are too busy  to join English class, you can learn here to improve your English. 

Next, you should learn daily Conversation in English for Speaking with other people as communication and conversation. If you are learning in daily English conversation. You must save some this post of screenshot into your phone. If you are learning English Conversation Lesson, you are probably working the jobs in company. 

This is where the value of being in your conversation in your company which is having to use communication in your position in your communicate effect in your English improve thus you must save the post into your using Phone. 

Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Myanmar Application for Smartphone CM Mobile Application Version 1.1 APK

I would like to introduce this application in your smartphone, which is very nice to watch Movies in your smartphone. I would like to say you can download and install it to your smartphone. Channel Myanmar, God Channel Fiv phone can easily see a movie. When you are lazy to read the books and to watch movies. It has to use the movies in your smartphone. The Regarding the implementation of a variety of films, Download the series will be able to see multiple phone can easily see it has been created. 

I would like to use this application into your smartphone about Android Version 4.1 and about above can be used by downloading the app, you can download here. I would like to create this app.

Monday, June 17, 2019

Learning English Skill Conversation For Maynmar as Business Models 17

I am going to introduce this post. It is explained as Business models in market point therefore It is so interesting to read this models. Anyways, you are looking to process some business in market, it is basics to use in your business. It is to motivate the success for your business. When you are going to read this post as small business in your location. It is supporting one idealism in market. 

As a result, It was the basic, long time and short time as plan in market. The writer will explain them " what is long time" and What is short time" Plan in your small business in market. 

In the cause, in small business the short-time plan in objections which has the process of a short period of time. Thus, the business men are using the long-time plan in market. It is very expansion plans in market. If you are using the regular basis so progress in the market.  Most of a business using the short-term plans in lead toward long-time plan which is processing the immediate business plans in the market. it must have about very good objective in market as measuring tool to review in the market.

In the another cause of the long-time plan in objections which has very used as C2B, the first, the cause uses in the market, it is only customers. After the customers are going to use the product, it will be the best business raven in your business. Thus the most business are using the long-time. Because, anywhere has competitor, thus are thinking the process of C2B for their business. The writer also know the C2B, business ways are very important to be success in market and business.

Thursday, June 13, 2019

iTranslate Translator Applicaton for Smartphone version 5.2.7 apk

I would like to introduce the iTranslate for free Translator Pro Application to use smartphone if you would like to use this application in your smartphone. It is going to iTranslate which has a lot of word. When you are going to use this application, you can translate easy in your smartphone.  It has an award winning translation tool that helps you break down language barriers. With its state of the art Technology you can speak any language in a second of language with this application.

-Get translations in over 90 languages
-Listen to translations in male or female voices
-Switch between different dialects.
-Dictionaries with synonyms and different meanings
-Transliteration, sharing favorites, History, and much more. 


Tuesday, June 11, 2019

English Conversation for Myanmar to use English and Myanmar both of language 16

I have been introduction English Conversation. It is very important to use the communication. If you would like to know English Conversation skill, you must save the post some note into your smartphone. When you are going to use the notes of English Conversation in your daily life, it is really important to use. 
I would like to remind you  who must use this post of screenshot about English Note, you will be fun. Because it has a lot of specialty English Conversation. I am honest to remind you. Feeling to use this post of screenshot in your daily, expression with enjoyment in using of English Conversation. 

I am writing screenshot at this website, someone needs to use this post of them, you can save. If you are going to share them, I was allowing to share but you must give me about credit. If you have any question, you will comment of under point. I would like to say "thank You So Much".