Sunday, July 28, 2019

Old woman offering the monk as wisdom and kwonledge

Selling the Shop about some product, the old woman who was offering the the monk on one day, is so cleaver and believe the Buddhism. It is very nice Knowledge for her who is so poor but she has been using the good knowledge for her future life. When you know the action word, how you are going to felling of heart. I was writing the article in this website but I was really feeling the note for future in daily life.

Therefore we are going to process of 90 old woman as writer mother who is being offered in daily life as heart, because I am really feeling the position for my future. If you are going to use the effect you will know your mother and father our future. I am really feeling the effecting of offering from old woman but It is good work for her who will have been carrying the future as nice effect with Buddhism effect in daily. Thus I would like to say "Thanks" for reading this article.

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