Wednesday, October 30, 2019

You are learning English faster? and always trying to move Faster?

It is seems like every one today is running around in a rush, always trying to move faster therefore you are nice to use your English. However, sometimes we cannot do things faster in daily life.

For example, we all know that Learning a new language is supposed to take a long time. There are new rules to memorize and new words to learn. You have to learn and Practice and remember tons of things, and all that takes time.

So how do you know which tips to use? You can always choose the language learning methods that work best for you. But that often means you needs to try many different methods before your favorite one. You might waste a bunch of time trying other methods that do nothing for you before you find the perfect ones.

Monday, October 21, 2019

Huawei and Honor Phone To change Unicode style ApK

This is English for People who are Learning of English which is supporting skill English Conversation. It is nice topics which is supporting to you who is great for you. If you are going the skill, It is supporting you who make your English skill for you.

Even you are great learning English. It is going to use this skill in English. It is using the cause for your Learning English. I would like to use this cause in daily. If you are going to use this you must download this post of cause.

Even you are going to use this problem, you must download this problem of cause in daily life. English is used in daily to post in daily of note. Therefore you are nice to use this cause you are going to know about English Skill for daily life to process in daily.

Sunday, October 13, 2019

Zawgyi to Unicode in any iOS Device about Instilling app

This is nice application for android Application. Because everybody are using about Unicode in daily life in Myanmar. Thus I would like to say about Keymagic about Application in your Zawdecode profile. Thus I would like to say you are going to use this application, to use your IOS. When you are going to use this application, you can use nice effect about your sending to your friend.

I hope you are going to use this application, thus I hope you can use it When you are  nice use this application about Zawgyi to Unicode in Any iOS Device about your instilling about application. when you are going to use this application, you must download this application.

Friday, October 11, 2019

Video Downloader For Facebook Video Manager Apk New Versioln

This is new version in your android Application thus you are going to use this application in your android app, thus I would like to remind you to download this application to your android smartphone. If you are using this application about Video Downloader for Facebook which application is free for you, too help you download videos from facebook. So you are can watch the offile and share them later with your friends.

When you are going to use this application you can browse your need what your link to download this application. If you are going to use this application you must download and share it to be click about you login video Downloading apk. I would like to say thank You.

Thursday, October 10, 2019

English Conversation for Myanmar People with other Level

This is English Conversation for Myanmar People. They are studying English Daily life thus i was posting this post for you. If you are learning English Conversation, you must learn here, if you are nice to use this English Conversation in daily you must use this post of Conversation.

This is the most important part of Conversation English. It's Polite to ask about another person. If you are going to use this post list, you can use. You would speak more formally to someone you've never met, to a work colleague, or to someone older than you. You would speak more casually to a good friend, and to people in your own age Group.

It’s a good idea to wait until someone speaks casually with you before you speak casually with them. You may find that people will begin to use casual greetings with you over time, as you get to know each other better.

Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Zawgyi to Unicode and Unicode to Zawgyi APK

If you are going to use this application, you must download this application and install into your smartphone which is nice to use in daily life. Even you have to use only one of Zawgyi after that you can conver Unicode to your android application.

Zawgyi to Unicode, Unicode to Zawgyi converter for Myanmar contact name. Contact Name Zawgyi Unicode, Unicode Zawgyi  needed permission download
* android.permission.READ_CONTACTS
* android.permission.WRITE_CONTACTS

Saturday, October 5, 2019

Newday English Speaking Application with Myanmar Language

If you want to improve English-Speaking Study Just download This app.
1. Speaking Patterns - Common Speech Pattern
2. Conversation-talk between images
3. Images speak in Airport-Airport
4.Health-Health and how to talk about
5. Hotel - Hotel -speaking
6. Job Intverview-OCCupational Interivew images
7. How to talk about the office of the office
8. Speaking Phone-Phone Talk
9.Shopping Shopping talk
10.Talking about bank - to talk about The bank
11.Talking about bus - bus ride over to talk

4.Proverb -sayings
5.Youtube Video lessons
6.Fb page to learn English lessions
The next update will include such high-Grade Lessons New days-English Speaking 1.0 updade.

Friday, October 4, 2019

Learning English Conversation For Myanmar People note

This is the learning English Conversation for Myanmar People who are learning English for daily life. It is going to use your note for English Conversation in daily life you must download and save this conversation in daily.

There is no time limit for accessing the lessons, and you can download everything, too – so you can study even when you don’t have an internet connection.

My teaching style is direct and to-the-point; I teach you the most useful and relevant English in an effective way.

Application of Zawgyi Font Android Application for APK

This is article which is supporting to use about Application download in
How To Apply in oppo
1. Setting / Languages and regions / Regions, Click Myanmar.
1. Display & Brightness / Support Dai Characters, Click ON.

How to apply font in vivo.
Use funtouch os launcher 4.0 next
1. Click Install font successfully,
2. the click Change Font, Local, (Local Theme)
3. click local font on the font you want to use.
Stop using click system default."

Bagan Keyboard User for Myanmar Only apk

This is Bagan Keyboard is also known as Burmese keyboard, Zawgyi Keyboard, Myanmar Unicode Keyboard. Bagan Keyboard is compatible with Zawgyi font Myanmar Unicode is changed in Myanmar thus we are using both of Ways.

If user can type Myanmar Unicode or Zawgyi using Bagan Keyboard and there is a setting in the Keyboard to change as user perfected.

Thursday, October 3, 2019

Vivo Uni Changer Application for Myanmar

This is the best one of Application.
Vivo Phone will add whatever little App
The Local font font name ithems app update

But before that will be used for the three types of shan has intall fonts Unicode Natureally,
the phone does not work anymore
Children work in a convenient phone phone feedback