Saturday, October 5, 2019

Newday English Speaking Application with Myanmar Language

If you want to improve English-Speaking Study Just download This app.
1. Speaking Patterns - Common Speech Pattern
2. Conversation-talk between images
3. Images speak in Airport-Airport
4.Health-Health and how to talk about
5. Hotel - Hotel -speaking
6. Job Intverview-OCCupational Interivew images
7. How to talk about the office of the office
8. Speaking Phone-Phone Talk
9.Shopping Shopping talk
10.Talking about bank - to talk about The bank
11.Talking about bus - bus ride over to talk

4.Proverb -sayings
5.Youtube Video lessons
6.Fb page to learn English lessions
The next update will include such high-Grade Lessons New days-English Speaking 1.0 updade.

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