Friday, January 31, 2020

SIM Card Change Notifier New Version Apk

It is going to use this application of SIM Card Change Notifier in your smartphone which is nice to effect in your smartphone. Sim Card Change Notifier is a free SIM Card monitoring app. It enables mobile phone users to monitor any unwanted/unexpected changes of the SIM card.

The app will send SMS messages to the predefined/trusted phone number when a non-authorized SIM card is inserted in the mobile phone.

The app also provides remote control features, such as remotely block the phone, authorize a newly inserted SIM card or reset the Show Number. The app becomes hidden in the phone menu, when configured, so other users won't have a chance to change the configurations unless they are authorized to do so.

Thursday, January 30, 2020

Learning Computer Myanmar Computer Dictionary APK

It is going to use Learning Computer Myanmar Dictionary. Because we are using the computer therefore we can use this app in dictionary. It has a lot of to be able using in computer therefore I would like to say this app which is nice to use this application.

When you are going to use this application in computer Myanmar computer dictionary which means that we can use to read with Myanmar Language thus It is nice application for your using phone.

- English vocabulary to Myanmar translation
- English vocabulary to English translation

Facebook Application of Color in your smartphone Version

Fella is the best web wrapper with lots of customization options, even when you have limited data or a slow connection. It is going to use about Color Facebook Application therefore I would like to say you can use this application of Color and Download ways.

✔️️ Many colors 🎨
✔️️ No Ads 🚫
✔️️ Fast and Lite App 🚀
✔️️ Clean User Interface ✨
✔️️ Less data usage and storage 📉
✔️️ Download and watch your favorite videos ⬇
✔️️ Available in 35+ languages 🌍
✔️️ Play Games when you feel bored 🎮

Wednesday, January 29, 2020

Myanmar Unicode Application of Use PDF and app

 Download and install the font inside FONTS folder which resides in Windows directory.

Myanmar3 font is a Unicode font implemented according to ISO 10646 that compliant with Unicode Consortium.

It is nice to use about Myanmar Unicode in your Computer therefore I would like to post this post to you. Now, Myanmar People are using about Myanmar Unicode therefore I would like to remind you who are download this application.

It also a system used in Microsoft, Apple and Facebook.

Publisher Myanmar’s NET Publisher web site
Release Date August 16, 2011 Date Added February 20, 2016
Version 1.358 CATEGORY Category Graphic Design Software

Operating Systems Windows XP/2003/Vista/Server 2008/7/8/10Additional Requirements None
File Name mm3-multi-os(16-08-2011).ttf POPULARITY
Total Downloads 27,280 Downloads Last Week 18
PRICING License Model Free
Limitations Not available Price Free
PDF download for you use Here.
Thank You So Much.

Downloading of Myanmar Application to watch TV 2.0.9 apk

This is very nice application for Myanmar People. They are using to watch TV standards from Both Thailand and Burma. Such as 3HD, CH7, workpoint TV. Including many other channels. Listen to the radio program from both thai and Burmese online throughout 24 hour. Wathc movie and series from both of Thailand Burma.

  • Listen to the radio program from both Thai and Burmese online throughout 24 hour.
  • Movies: Watch movie and series from both Thailand and Burma.
  • Community: List of fun video from Zeegwat Studio for Zeegwat members.
  • News: Subscribe and update news every day.
  • Privilege: Change you privilege points with promotional products from department store. Exclusive only Zeegwat TV members.
  • You can use Wi-Fi/3G/4G to watch anywhere, anytime.


English's best U-Dictionary: Oxford Dictionary Apk for you

Now you can translate between any two languages from 108 languages!U-Dictionary offers originally developed dictionaries of 44 languages, Collins Advanced Dictionary, WordNet Dictionary, Bilingual Sentences, Sample Sentences, Synonyms, Antonyms, Phrases and so on. Also, U-Dictionary is equipped with English articles, games, and quizzes to help you strengthen your English level.

If you are using this application your smartphone you must follow the app of using English, it is the best using of English for you.

You must follow this app how to use stay by stay, we were explaining you ready. You must follow of nice.

English Conversation to learn English Skill with BOTH

This is nice to use English Conversation therefore I would like to explain English Conversation if you are going to use this post of English Conversation, you will follow this English skill. watching here

If you are going to use about English Skill, you are nice to use in English. When you are working in the case of English Conversation skill, you would like to use in this English note of you are English watching here

After you have note about English Conversation in daily, you are going to use this application of English Note. Thus the admin reminds you are following the English Skill of Conversation. If you are note this all of English notes, you will perfect. Thank You So Much.

Facebook Application New Version to communicate

This is to communicate application in your daily life.Therefore I would like to remind you who are always using this app to communicate and reading news in new face. In the apps, one to apps is the best one in communication. Nowadays most of people are calling social network in the socially communication. In this app, we are uploading some photos and share your knowledge to write article. 
This app is installed in your smartphone, you can use nicely way of this application at your smartphone. App can share updated and photos, engage with your friends and Page, stay connected to communities important to your using of app.
-Connect with friend and family meet new people on your social and calling contact.
-share photos, your favorite memories which means is following about the best Knowledge for your friend to share. 
-Play games with any of your Facebook Friends Tag. 
-In this app after you have finished your app, you can watch live videos and you can do it.

Therefore this application is the most important to use in your smartphone to communicate to your friend and your family thus I would like to request you may use this application in your smartphone.

Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Bagan which is going to use Historic Version 1.0 Apk

This apk is guide of bagan.You can read offline about the historic pagodas in bagan.And,you can find hotel and guest house in bagan.
It is nice effect to use about English therefore I would like to use this application thus I would like to say think developer of this app because we can read about History about Bagan. 

Translation Result of English APPLICATION as Android Smartphone and iOS

It is very Nice Application for you who must use android smartphone which is supporting about English Conversation as speech as different Language for you who must learn English Conversation.

VoiceTra is a speech translation app that translates your speech into different languages.

VoiceTra supports 31 languages and can be downloaded and used for free. With an easy-to-use interface, you can also check if the translation results are correct.

VoiceTra, whether to enhance your travel experience or to welcome visitors to Japan, will definitely come in handy as your personal speech translator.


VoiceTra utilizes high-precision speech recognition, translation, and speech synthesis technologies developed by the National Institute of Information and Communications Technology (NICT). It translates your spoken words into different languages and outputs the results in a synthesized voice.

The translation direction can be instantly switched; 2 people that speak different languages can communicate using a single device. for iOSdownload

Text input is available for languages that do not support speech input.

Monday, January 27, 2020

English Learning About English Conversaton with Skill's People

It is coming to use this application of English Conversation. It is going to use about English Conversation therefore the users are using about English. When you are going to use this application for English Conversation, if you are effect innervation about English, the English Users about English Conversation. 
After you have finished your studying of English conversation therefore you must learn About English Conversation. If you have interesting English conversation, you must share and follow of this notes. 

Anyway, you are going to use this application. if you are using about English conversation, I would like to talk about English Conversation. Therefore I would like to speak with English you must download this.

Sunday, January 19, 2020

English for learning about communiction for Myanmar People

This communication which is processing about English Communication about English Speaking about therefore they are going to use about English Communication, they are going to use English Skill.

When you are using English from learning about English therefore we are knowing about English Communication, the skill for English tomorrow and today, any action for English. Therefore we are waiting to work the communication in the English communication.

If you have some the problem, I would like to use this application of English Communication therefore, early. When you are going to use this post English skill, you are going to speak English skill.

Friday, January 17, 2020

Myanamar English Dictionary Application for English Learner 1.0 Apk

This is using of English Dictionary Application for you who are learning English therefore you can use this application in your daily, which is the description of Myanmar English Dictionary.
It is using of the Myanmar- Englishd Dictionary is an offilne application. You can use after you have about your downloading this application, which is going to use about Myanmar-English Dictionary is explored the meaning of Myanmar word to English Conversation. 
Definitions are based on the department of Myanmar Language Commission, Ministry of Education. Fast search, Easy and functional user interface, optimized also for tablets. It works offline without any further file to download this apk. Therefore I would like to say and download this application this apk to instill in your smartphone.